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About birmans

Here is a link to the CFA standard for Birman

History of Our Cattery

Ever since the day I visited my first cat show and saw the Birman cats there, I did know that if I was going to have a cat in the future that cat had to be a birman. After moving to San Diego, California I was lucky to find a very nice birman breeder in Los Angeles and we become friends. She entered me on her waiting list for a kitten, which I should be allowed to show and also use for breeding. The kitten I got was a blue point girl named Mademoiselle Midori. This was now 14 years ago and Midori is still the Grand Old Lady in our house, she have got the Distinguish Merit from CFA and she is mother, grandmother or grand grandmother to most of our cats.

Just when we had found another birman breeder with a "matching boy" in San Diego, we had to move to Dallas, Texas and our breed program start was delayed. Finally we sent our girl back to our friend in Los Angeles, who had just imported a very nice boy from France and he gave Midori her first litter, four kittens of which we sold two and kept two whom still lives with us.

Nevertheless, we needed to find a boy closer to Texas and with help from some nice birman breeders we got in contact with a birman seal point gentleman in Houston and he gave Midori her first Grand Champion girl.During our years in Texas we got several litters with support from the Houston gentleman but we soon needed to find another male to use for our girls/ his daughters. Luck stroke us again in the shape of a gorgeous Midwest boy, which we were lucky enough to buy from Bobby & Betty Trower of, Show Me Cats. The boy is our Grand Champion Teddy Bear and he is giving us many litters with healthy and beautiful kittens.

We live now in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Until now we have had Seal and Blue Points in our program but just recently we got a gorgeous Choclate Point Girl who is doing extremely well in the shows. We do not have more than one litter per year and some years we do not have any at all. We keep all kittens within arm length to spoil them as much as acceptable. We sometimes have kittens for sales to homes where they will continue to be spoiled. We also have some very nice retired show cats up for adoption. We normally get at least a holiday card at the end of the year from each of our cat owners to give us feedback information and keep in touch.

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The Birman Legend

Legend tells us that in the ancient temples of Burma-now known as the country of Myanmar-there once lived white cats with golden eyes who were the devoted companions of Kittah priests. These cats were believed to carry the souls of their beloved priests to Heaven, and were therefore honored guests of the Temples.

One night, as intruders from nearby Siam raided the temple of Lao-Tsun, the High Lama known as Mun-Ha, lay dying. Mun-Ha's companion cat, Sinh, climbed upon him, faced the goddess Tsun Kyan-Kse with her sapphire eyes and golden hair and appealed for the transmutation of Mun-Ha's soul. As Mun-Ha took his last breath his soul entered Sihn's body, and Sinh's body began to transform.

Sinh's golden eyes turned sapphire blue like the goddess, and his previously white coat took on a golden mist reflecting the Goddess' hair. His ears, nose, tail and legs turned dark like the earth, marking the impurity of all that touches the ground, yet where his paws touched the silk of his master's holy garments they turned a dazzling white reflecting the purity of his master's soul. After keeping a holy vigil by his Master, Sinh died mysteriously seven days later, carrying his master's soul to heaven. Upon Sinh's death, all the other cats in the temple were transformed like Sinh, and now possessed sapphire blue eyes, pure white feet, and coats misted with gold.

The very beautiful Sacred Cat of Burma now known as the Birman, is the name of this mysterious and legendary breed. Reports smuggled out of the country once known as Burma still describe Birman-looking cats living in the temples there. But looking beyond the legend of their origin, it is fact that the Sacred Cat of BURMA appeared in France in 1919, reportedly given as gifts of grateful Kittah priests, but also possibly stolen from the temples of Burma and smuggled out of the country at great expense.
However,the Birman arrived there, the country of France has cherished it and is largely credited with preserving the breed during World War II and revitalizing it afterward.

By 1955 the Birman had established sufficient generations of purebred litters to qualify the Sacred Cat of Burma as a pure breed once more. The Birman found its way to the United States and was accepted as a pure and separate breed by the Cat Fanciers' Association in 1967.

What are Birmans like?

Birmans are a human loving cat with semi-long hair cat that requires very little grooming. They have a wonderful balance of pleasant characteristics ranging from a wonderful temperament to a regal appearance, and are aggressively friendly. They have a body that is both long and stocky. The body color is white or cream while darker colors highlight the points, face, legs and tail. The eyes are almost round and are always blue set in a strong face with heavy jaws, a full chin and a roman nose. The very distinctive white feet are evenly marked, Birmans bond quickly with their masters and are soon assisting you in every task, Quickly adjusting to your schedule, you will find them waiting at the door to say "Hello" when you come home, and at bedtime, you will have a constant companion.

Contact us at trulsas@hotmail.com

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